I'm Just a Girl With Coffee Issues" was created to represent the humorous struggle I have with coffee. I have a cup every morning before I start my day and the smell and taste really perk me up to start an amusing day of work. I am sure many of you can relate and know that morning without coffee is a morning we rather skip. Stay positive! and decorate your lovely planner, laptop, scrapbook, or whatever you like, with this wonderful character I created for the coffee king and queens in all of us. Happy day is a coffee day!

Handmade & illustrated by me in my little studio!


1.Water Resistant* not waterproof ( she should not take a swim )

2.Measures: 3"W 4" H

3.Material: Sticker Paper (Semi-Gloss)

4.Shipped with the back card in a bubble mailer.


1. Color of the product can vary due to your monitor colors.

2. I don't take any responsibility for problems that occurred during shipping, lost shipments, or local charges that may occur


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I'm Just A Girl With Coffee Issues Sticker